Emmanuel Tussore collects circular saw blades from waste recycling centers in areas with heavy logging industry. Ultimate tools for a programmed destruction of forests, these metal discs are used to cut down trees and transform the wood for domestic use. Manipulated by the artist, then photographed, the medium is no longer the sharp and deadly steel. It has metamorphosed into a celestial body, one that can only be seen through an astronomical telescope. The distant landscapes reveal rocky canyons and rusty mountains, craters firing magma in fusion, or perhaps comet tails with stardust slipping away. Those maps of another world mirror us back to our own origins, the nourishing and protective planet Earth. Despite its transformation, the original cutting tool retains the memory of the living. The subtle imprint of the sinuous and colorful bark can eventually be read in the background. Through dozens of revisited saw blades, an imaginary catalog unveils, both poetic and symbolic.


Performance 2019 , 2:55′

Galerie Dohyang Lee, 2020